Tim A. Founder of Good Libations Brewing Co.

     So, there are some things we would like to point out. First, we like to point out people’s propensity to point out the obvious, by making statements like, “You really shouldn’t open an essay with the word “so””. This is very true. We would also like to note that without communication, nothing works between people. We have been through ups and downs, been at each other’s throats, called each other names, nearly come to blows, and have come out of it as better friends and better people for it. Somewhere along the way we figured out how to make great beer. It’s this open communication (even when it hurts) and collaborative spirit (even when we disagree) that allowed, and still allows us to work together to grow our craft, and grow as people. Some of you are thinking that the beginning of the paragraph and where it went aren’t connected (if you weren’t, you’re probably considering it now). That’s okay, not everything has to have a point. Some of you are wondering what hurt and disagreement have to do with good times. You gotta have a few bad times to really understand the good times. And sometimes, it’s just nice to sit back and go for the ride.

     We have been friends for a very long time. We have had long, and even longer conversations about opening a business, and through those conversations we began to conceptualize the brewery and the culture we wanted to create. We both had corporate careers where people weren’t heard and their opinions and suggestions fell on deaf ears. People weren’t treated as people, and their skill sets and ideas went to waste. We are creating a space where people can be heard, where their ideas and suggestions do matter, and where open communication is encouraged, even when persons don’t necessarily agree. For us, good people are willing to share themselves openly without fear of judgment. All points of view are valid, but not all work. We like to have conversations with people to find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to find space for truce when ideas are polarized. We also like to have a lot good times.

     What are good times? For us, it is sharing in a few games and having open conversations with other humans. We like to combine some friendly competition with deep conversation. We also like to relax on a river with a beer among a plethora of other things. Good times are what you make them and they are alot easier to have when in the company of other good people. Most of it is just about having the space to enjoy ourselves. What better way is there to create a space for open communication and good times, then to add a couple of pints of good beer? When we have something that tastes fantastic which we can share with others, we are happier for it. A couple of pints also tend to open people up for a more lively discussion and allow more space for sharing. (We don’t know if those last few statements are scientifically correct, but we find they work practically.) That and we want to share our love of good beer with the people we have around us.

     We can’t possibly express everything we want to in a few short paragraphs as so much of communication is non-verbal. Timing means a lot in humor, and we are not great joke writers, so we couldn’t possibly entice you to read more in hopes of a laugh. Plus if you read this in a different cadence then it was written in, the timing gets lost. Anyhow, we digress. Let's get back to the point. What we really want is for you to come and meet us, have some space to enjoy each other, and have a pint or two. Glad to have you along for the ride!

Sincerely, Tim
Good Libations Brewing Co.™
Good People, Good Times, Good Beer™